The Museum Group houses artefacts from various beliefs, religions and areas without discrimination. Plurality, diversity and multiculturalism underpin the values that we hold:


Having artefacts of different civilizations under one roof highlights the evolution and progress of art at different levels and in different eras through the contribution of different Civilizations to the overall history of humanity. This has allowed The Museum Group to spread awareness on the importance of other peoples’ civilizations; and helps to improve and enhance a sense of tolerance, respect and perhaps harmony among peoples from different (sometimes conflicting) cultural values, sects and ethnicities. The first step in the journey of tolerance is the knowledge of different perspectives and acknowledgement of the beauty of diversity.


Helping future generations and peoples from different cultures to learn to extract and see beauty and positivity in other civilizations and cultures different than “ours”.


Hope of reviving historical values with modern approaches to support bringing back peace, harmony and stability among people; and to enhance the security of future generations by learning about the benefits of diversity – at the very least.