Passing through this region, traders often left behind traces of their culture, enabling the Crossroad of Civilizations Museums to highlight the positive values that reigned throughout history. Values such as tolerance and mutual respect, represented by different civilizations that crossed paths here over several centuries.

In the midst of the contemporary scientific and technological Advancement and the eagerness of future generations to keep pace with development, nowadays, a big part of youth lack the interest in acknowledging and appreciating the importance of the historical dimensions of civilizations where principles and values of humanity develop. These values encompass the aesthetic and positive aspects of peoples and civilizations, who historically left their fingerprints and artistic marks, that witness their contribution to the course of human progress.

Therefore, Crossroad of Civilizations Museums seek to bring everyone together by emphasizing on the importance of positive historical relationships among peoples so as to provide an opportunity for future generations to explore and discover the beauty of tolerance, regardless of the differences in perspectives and priorities.

The three of Crossroad of Civilizations Museums are based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where values and principles such as tolerance, mutual respects and positive thinking are rooted in the ideology, norms, law and culture of its leaders and people.

The positive outcomes of such values, with the vision of the leadership as well as ambition of its people, are reflected in having the UAE hosting the busiest multicultural platform on earth that hosts more than 200 nationalities which makes it a contemporary successful story of multiculturalism.


CCMs, through its three historical museums, say everything about the legacy of Dubai and the UAE. As a crossroad of global trade routes between Europe, Africa and Asia, Dubai has witnessed a magnificent interplay of almost all the world’s civilizations.

The dynamic interaction of these civilizations leads to a flourishing culture of humanity; Museums through art, literature and cultural dimensions, reflect the historical beauties of civilizations. Therefore, the Crossroad of Civilizations Museum highlights the beauty of the variety of these human cultures that contributed to the progress of humanity throughout ages.

CCM emphasizes on the positive historical relationships between these civilizations and art, it provides an opportunity for future generations to reflect on the beauty of the difference and to see the positive side of the other, hoping to bring all together.


Bringing people together through positive historical relationships.


Emphasizing on the importance of the universal values such as tolerance and respect, by demonstrating the essential roles such values play in the florishment and progress of humanity.


Dubai and the UAE has been at the crossroads of global trade routes since circa 3,000 BC. Passing through this region, traders often left behind traces of their cultures. The CCMs capture that essence of cultural exchanges, representing di erent civilizations whose paths crossed here over several centuries.

Civilizations across time were able to see positive values and the beauties in one another by highlighting the beauty of the variety of these human cultures. The CCMs promote the achievements

and contributions by these civilizations to humanity as a result of peace, harmony, coexistence, and the creation of positive values since time immemorial.

The CCM group of museums re ect the values that made all traders and travellers invest in positive relationships that empowered them to establish mutual interests between one another.

Moreover, it shows that there was some sort of regulation and assurance that encouraged others to bring their goods to pass through Dubai. In addition, the current vision, multiculturalism and progress in Dubai stems from its culture that welcomed all ancient civilizations to settle and/or to travel through the city.

Working with academia, the Crossroad of Civilizations Museums provide an educational platform for researchers and institutions.