Swords & Daggers Gallery

This museum reflects other ways of cultural communication and documents the time of colonization, instability, wars and changes of foreign powers in the region. It also exhibits ceremonial and equestrian sports weapons. While conflicts lead to wars and aggressions, military campaigns carried a positive side in spreading the cultures of others and their civilizations.

The gallery extends over two rooms. Beside swords and daggers made in the UAE, this gallery includes swords and daggers that are brought from Africa, Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian subcontinent and Asia. Some of the blades are made of gold, jeweled with precious stones and with handles of different designs. The gallery also has on exhibit, helmets and shields of historical value.


Guns & Saddles Gallery

Guns & Saddles gallery comprises of two rooms, and exhibit extensive array of various elaborate designs reflecting the tastes of peoples and individuals at the time. Some of the examples include: French and British rifles from the eighteenth century and earlier; different bayonets from WWI and WWII, and earlier; Ottoman pistols and guns of the eighteenth century; ancient rifles from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The gallery exhibits also include saddles, spears and arrows of historical value.