CCM Artefacts Temporarily Leaving Their Home


The Sharjah Islamic Art Exhibition will host, for the first time, rarest historical Islamic manuscripts, old prints, potteries, bronze and coins. Highlights from the Islamic Art of The Crossroads of Civilizations Museum will be available for the public to see during the month of Ramadan in Sharjah, the World Capital of the Islamic Culture.This is the first time artefacts from the CCM leaves its premises in Dubai and partiipated in Sharjah Expo.

Besides the CCM Islamic Artefacts, Inlibris from Austria and Forum from Netherlands are participating with their most important Islamic old prints and manuscripts that goes bac to the 9th century. Inlibrus has even transferred the oldest and rarest Kiswah to Sharjah Expo for the whole of the month of Ramadan. Kiswah is commisioned by Sultan Suleiman the Law Maker in the year 950h (1543/44 AD).

In addition, the internationally renowned Islamic Coin Expert, H.E. Abdullah Bin Jasim Al Mutairi is participating for the first time with his personal collection of the rarest Islamic Coins.

The Sharjah Islamic Art Exhibition is in the Sharjah Expo Centre, Hall 4. Open daily from 8:30 pm to 1:30 am.