The Museum Group (TMG) is a historical center which includes: The Crossroads of Civilization Museum (CCM), Rare Books Manuscripts & Prints Museum, and The Armory Museum. Together, they reflect the best of each civilization that has passed through the region. Its artefacts, reflect the diversity & tolerance of cultures, beliefs & religions; personifying the legacy of Dubai and the UAE as a crossroad of global trade routes and cultural exchange between Europe, Africa and Asia. It weaves together a prolific tale of how the dynamism of Dubai and the UAE is a natural development of the historic interplay of world travelers, traders and Bedouin.

Our Vision

Bringing people together through positive historical relationships.

Our Mission

To emphasize the importance of the universal values, such as tolerance and respect, by demonstrating the essential historical roles they played in helping human civilizations flourish and progress on various dimensions.

Nations are not measured by their material wealth alone, but by their cultural heritage.
- H H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

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